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    Mayor Eric Papenfuse, City officials and Friends of Italian Lake will hold a press conference at noon Friday, April 15, 2016, at the lake to announce that four swans will grace the water this summer.

    “Italian Lake will have four beautiful swans sharing the water for the next few months,” said Mayor Papenfuse. “Two white swans have just arrived, and they soon will be joined by two stunning black swans to bring incredible beauty to this area.”

    The swans are being brought to the lake thanks to support from Friends of Italian Lake.

    “This is a continuation of the partnership with this group of civic-minded residents who will undertake the care and oversight of the swans,” Mayor Papenfuse said.

    The swans are being rented from a swan farm and will spend the summer in Italian Lake.






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  • Posted by Jack Mayer on April 15, 2016, 1:41 pm

    Kudos on the introduction of swans to Italian Lake. I sat and gazed in awe on the two white swans last week. They were beautiful and can only be enhanced at the introduction of two black swans.
    On another matter, have the Friends of Italian Lake thought to replace the weeping willow tree that graced the plot near the bridge and was blown away by the straight line winds of some years ago. It was a beautiful addition to the Lakes.

    Thanks. Jack Mayer

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