2016 Business Privilege and Mercantile Tax Returns are due by April 15th. Download the document by clicking here.

About Us

The Office of Tax and Enforcement is responsible for the collection and administration of: Business Privilege and Mercantile Taxes and Licensing, Vendor, Special Event and General Licensing, Parking Taxes and Licensing, Amusement Taxes and Licensing, Landlord Licensing, False Alarm Billing, and City of Harrisburg Dog Licensing.

This Office should be the first stop within the City Government Center when an individual or business is interested in obtaining a business license to operate within the Corporate City limits of Harrisburg.  Our business license application packet also includes the appropriate forms for zoning approval (if your business will be based in the City), home occupation agreement and the Health license application.  If you are interested in becoming a Vendor, all of the appropriate forms/applications are contained within the Vendor packet including the permission slip.  Our applications may be downloaded from the website and mailed into our office, or you may drop the application off in person.  A check or money order is necessary to accompany a newly submitted application.

Additional Information

If you have a question about City or School District Property taxes, please contact the Office of the City Treasurer (717-255-6509).

If you have a question about the Earned Income Tax (EIT) or Local Services Tax (LST), please contact Keystone Collection Group (1-888-328-0557 or 724-978-2896; keystonecollects.com).

Contact Us

10 North Second Street, Suite 305A
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1678
Phone: 311
Email: jefedock@harrisburgpa.gov

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a business in the City of Harrisburg?

As an employer, am I required to withhold the Local Services Tax for my employees?

Yes. Each employee with annual earned income of more than $24,500 is subject to the Local Services Tax. State law requires the employer to withhold the tax from payroll for each employee working at the business location.

Where do I obtain a Vendor’s License to sell items in the City and at various events in the City?

You will need to complete an General License Application.
Please visit the Mercantile Tax office at the City Government Center room 305-A or download it from our knowledgebase by clicking here.