City Releases Documents Showing Years of Neglect of Church Building

Mayor Papenfuse joined Police Chief Thomas Carter, Acting Fire Chief Brian Enterline and Codes Director Dave Patton to provide details in connection with the collapse Saturday night of a portion of a church at 1345 S. 12th St., Harrisburg.  The city released documents Monday showing the owner, Bishop A.E. Sullivan, received years of repeated warnings, citations and arrest warrants as the building continued to deteriorate.

The City officially condemned the building in January 2009, stating it was a “unsafe structure” that should be demolished.  Two families were forced to leave their homes in an adjacent building  after bricks from the church landed on their property. The American Red Cross has provided temporary shelter and it is uncertain when the families will be able to return home.  Meanwhile, the city is seeking ways to demolish the building or ensure it is no longer a danger to area residents or passersby.

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