Dec. 27, 2017 
HARRISBURG: In response to the tax law recently passed by Congress, the City of Harrisburg Office of the Treasury will accept prepayment of 2018 Harrisburg City real estate raxes beginning Dec. 27.
City Treasurer Dan Miller says the City’s Treasurer’s office will receive payments Dec. 27-20, 2017.
Payments postmarked December 31, 2017 also will be accepted as paid in 2017.
In order to qualify for 2018 prepayment, taxpayers must have no outstanding tax or utility balances with the city. A copy of the 2017 city real estate tax must accompany payment. The 2018 pre-payment must be made in the exact amount of the 2017 flat invoice amount, less the 2 percent discount. All checks should have “2018 prepayment” noted on the front of the check.
Prepayment of city real estate tax is not standard procedure. The City is making a special effort to accept these payments to assist city taxpayers. The strict prepayment requirement are necessary to ensure all federal rules are followed.
For more information, call 311 or email Joyce M. Davis or call 717 255 3015.
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