3 Organizations Collaborate to Host Photo Shoot Highlighting Diversity in Our Region

Harrisburg, PA – In celebration of the 28th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Center for Independent Living of Central PA (CILCP), the City of Harrisburg Human Relations Commission and local marketing firm Suasion are hosting a community photo shoot at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 at City Island, Harrisburg.

The goal of the photo shoot is to capture photography of local, realistic people with diverse disabilities doing everyday activities for use on the social media accounts, websites and brochures created by the host organizations.

The photo shoot was originally scheduled for July 26, the Anniversary of the ADA, but was postponed due to flooding on City Island.

“People with disabilities are not commonly or accurately portrayed in communications materials,” explains Theo Braddy, CEO of the Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania and one of nine Commissioners with the City of Harrisburg Human Relations Commission. “This lack of representation feeds the stigma that individuals with disabilities aren’t active, thriving, vital members of our community. This photo shoot will create a portfolio of photography representing people with diverse disabilities doing everyday activities and enjoying what our community has to offer with friends and family.”

Photo shoot participants, which are comprised of local individuals with diverse disabilities, families, couples and singles, are encouraged to enjoy the various activities at City Island while having their photos captured by Suasion, who will create a stock image gallery to store the pictures for future use.

“As a communications agency that works with numerous organizations that serve the disability community, we would benefit from having access to a variety of quality photos of people with

disabilities in real life situations and scenarios instead of actors posing as people with disabilities,” explains Karen Gross, Director of Marketing at Suasion. “Since there is a lack of available stock photography, we find that the same images are used over and over in advertising and marketing materials. We are honored to work with CILCP and the City of Harrisburg to fill a need and do so by accurately representing people with disabilities who are living and thriving in our community.”

“The Harrisburg Human Relations Commission (HHRC) is proud to participate in this event to raise awareness of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion,” said Shaashawn Dial, Director of Social Equity & Affirmative Action, which includes serving as Staff Liaison to the HHRC. “This event is the first of many initiatives from our office to help promote an environment of diversity, equity, respect and inclusiveness in our community.”

“We were thrilled by the number of people who RSVP’d for today’s photo shoot,” explains Theo Braddy. “The Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania, along with the City of Harrisburg Human Relations Commission and Suasion, looks forward to continuing to create opportunities to combat the stigma against people with disabilities and celebrate diversity in our region.”

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About the Center for Independent Living of Central PA

The Center for Independent Living of Central PA (CILCP) is a consumer controlled, cross-disability organization dedicated to assisting people with disabilities to achieve and maintain independent lifestyles. The organization assists individuals with any type of disability in navigating through the maze of services and programs and connecting them with customized options that will enable them to reach their goals and aspirations as part of its Living Well With A Disability philosophy. To learn more about the CILCP, visit their website at www.cilcp.org.

About the Harrisburg Human Relations Commission

The Harrisburg Human Relations Commission (HHRC), Ordinance 6-1983, as amended and reenacted is designed to administer, implement, and enforce the provisions of the City of Harrisburg’s Human Relations and Discrimination Code prohibiting discrimination. The Code applies to discriminatory practices, including, but not limited to, discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, education, and lending, which occur within the territorial limits of the City of Harrisburg and to employment, contracted for, performed, or to be performed within these limits, or by those contracting with the City. The Commission shall consist of nine members, eight of whom shall be appointed by the Mayor and one of whom shall be appointed by City Council by resolution. The HHRC was re-instated November 2017. For more information, visit: http://harrisburgpa.gov/human-relations/

About Suasion

Suasion LLC, is a full-service marketing, communications and event coordination firm, providing strategic planning, public relations, advertising, website development, market research,

grassroots marketing and branding services to organizations driven by a social mission. Proudly celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Suasion effectively serves organizations in the health care, government, social and human services and disability markets using proven behavior and social change strategies that effectively influence audiences and shift perceptions. For more information, visit www.suasion.us.

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