The City’s Public Works Department has begun collecting leaves for the fall season and is notifying residents of the proper procedures for leaf disposal.

The city will collect leaves through Friday December 2, 2016. Residents are asked to place the leaves in brown paper bags and to put them on the curbs for collection during street sweeping days.

“Once again, we are asking Harrisburg residents to cooperate with our Public Works employees this fall as they work to keep our streets as clean as possible,” said Mayor Eric Papenfuse. “We are asking residents not to blow leaves into the street, but to put them in brown paper bags that workers can take to the composting site.”

Composting leaves is good for the environment as it avoids pollution and creates a useful product. The City also saves money by avoiding disposal costs.

To assist with the composting procedures, the City is requesting residents not use plastic bags to collect leaves. Plastic bags are not accepted at the composting site.

Compostable brown paper bags can be purchased from hardware and home improvement stories stores throughout the region.

Residents are asked to put only leaves in the bags and not to mix them with trash, which also will not be accepted at the composting site.

For residents who are not able to bag leaves, the City asks that you pile them along the curb, outside of the travel lane. Please do not pile leaves near storm drains.

Leaves piled too far away from the curb can block storm drains, causing puddles or flooding when it rains. Wet leaves also create a safety hazard for pedestrians and cars.

If you have questions about leaf collection or any other recycling topic, contact the City of Harrisburg by email ( Or you can call 311.

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