About Us

Our office handles all the legal affairs of the city, under the direction of Mayor Papenfuse. The responsibilities of our office are set forth in our City Ordinance.

City Solicitor, Neil Grover

There, it provides that the solicitor “shall have charge of and perform, under direction of the mayor, all the law business of the city…” There is much work involved, as Harrisburg is a fairly large city facing a number of complex issues.

Our office advises all department heads as they go about the task of the city’s day-to-day operations; all municipal boards – Planning, Zoning and Conservation Commission, among others; and, we have the honor of attending all city council meetings. The councilors serve as our legislative body, and frequently have legal questions regarding the business before them.

Contact Us

10 North 2nd Street, Suite 402
Harrisburg PA, 17101-1681
Telephone: (717) 255-3065
Email: gbond@cityofhbg.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a Right to Know request?

Please download the Right to Know request, fill out the proper information, and submit it to the City Solicitor office.

What is the process for submitting a Right To Know request?

Please download the Right To Know policy document by clicking here.

Who do I speak with regarding a civil matter with the City of Harrisburg?

Please call the City Solicitor office at 717.255.3065.