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The City Treasurer, an independently elected official, heads the Office of the Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for the collection, safekeeping and investment of City revenues, including all fees, fines and taxes. The City Treasurer also serves as collector for School District taxes. All monies collected are invested utilizing several money management techniques to optimize interest earnings while ensuring the safety of funds. Economic trends and monitoring of the financial market allow for maximized yield investment strategies.

The City Treasurer must sign all checks disbursed for payroll and the receipt of goods and services in addition to coordinating all electronic funds transfer and receipt. This office is responsible for obtaining all information necessary for issuing Municipal Fire Certificates in accordance with the City and State fire insurance escrow laws. Treasury prepares and distributes to departments monthly reports for City investments, paid invoices, credit card activity and the cumulative history of insufficient funds checks. On a daily basis, Treasury monitors the City’s bank accounts electronically. The Treasurer also executes funding transfers for debt service payments on all City bond issues outstanding. This office has the authority to manage all bank accounts of the City including the transfer to funds between different bank accounts and the reconciliation to the City’s general ledger.


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Office of the City Treasurer
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