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The Bureau of Codes is responsible for the enforcement of building construction, electrical standards, plumbing, health and sanitation, and property maintenance codes for residential and commercial structures.

The Building Inspector, through the Codes Administrator, enforces the building codes on all construction activity for new construction and rehabilitation work on all commercial and residential structures. The Codes Enforcement Officers inspect for code violations in existing structures and vacant lots, including but not limited to, high grass and weeds, sanitation, plumbing, heating, electrical, vector problems and structural violations.

The Bureau processes all permits relating to building construction, electrical and plumbing work, as well as assisting with zoning compliance. The Bureau also issues licenses for electricians, plumbers, and rooming houses. The building, electrical and plumbing inspectors perform progressive inspections on new construction, rehabilitation, and alteration projects.

The Bureau inspects properties for sale, if requested, under the buyer notification ordinance to make buyers aware of any deficiencies and inspects rental properties to enforce the quality of life standards for City residents who rent.

The Bureau enforces all state and local health code provisions relating to food establishments and also lead-based paint hazards in residential structures. Health licenses are issued for all food establishments.

The Bureau also promotes community interaction programs, which provide citizen involvement in codes-related procedures.

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10 N. 2nd St., Suite 205

Harrisburg, PA 17101

Phone: 311

Email: mbellamy@cityofhbg.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call for heating complaints, roof leaks, mold, and other code violations?

For heating complaints, you can contact the Codes Administration Office; an inspector will be contacted immediately. At which time, the codes inspector will contact the landlord who will be given 24 hours to provide some form of heating. A landlord/tenant complaint form will need to be submitted for all other complaints.

FYI: Heating complaints are handled almost immediately. Please be advised, we do not take care of any mold issues, but will check for leaks that cause mold.

Do I need a permit to do work on my own property?

Yes. If a property owner is making any structural changes, such as flooring, changing kitchen cabinets, putting up drywall, repairing the roof, making major repairs to property, such additions, alterations, changing doors, etc. requires a permit. We recommend the owner to call the office to assess his or her need for a building permit and appropriate fees.

As the owner of the property, can I work on my own electrical and plumbing?

Unless the owner takes a test that determines competency to work on his or her own electrical and plumbing, the owner must hire a master electrician or plumber to do the work. By which, the electrician and plumber will need to submit his or her own permit. By submitting proof of a passed exam, the owner can apply for a Residential B license that allows him or her to conduct his or her own work.

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