Customers to Begin Making Checks and Money Orders Payable to “Capital Region Water


HARRISBURG (September 4, 2014) – In a continuing effort to improve customer service and bill processing, Capital Region Water customers will begin making utility bill checks and money orders payable to “Capital Region Water”.

“Capital Region Water continues to take steps to improve fiscal responsibility and customer service.  Moving our payment receipt processes to a third party “lockbox banking” system will ensure that payments are processed in a timely manner”, said CEO Shannon Williams, “We appreciate our customers’ patience as we make these changes.”

Utility bill checks and money orders not made payable to “Capital Region Water” may be returned. No fees will be charged for checks returned for this reason; however if replacement checks are not received by the due date, interest and penalties associated with late payment may be incurred.

Customers with automatic withdrawal payments will not experience any changes at this time.

Capital Region Water staff will remain at the City Treasury office to accept walk-in payments but a new location with free parking will be available later this year.

Customers will also experience changes to the appearance of their monthly invoice and are asked to return the top portion of the invoice with their payment. This adjustment will also allow payments to be processed more timely and accurately.

Williams encourages customers to visit or to call 888-510-0606 with questions or comments.

For questions or to report problems with your water or sewer service call 1-888-510-0606 or find us online at


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