The Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Program at the City of Harrisburg – Department of Building and Housing Development offers assistance to low and moderate- income families, as well as Rental Property Owners, in making their homes lead-safe for children. Start your application now to ensure your home is lead safe.


About Us

Harrisburg’s Bureau of Housing funds affordable workforce housing, both rental and ownership, as well as supportive housing that helps vulnerable people achieve stability and move along a path toward self-sufficiency.

Bureau of Housing initiatives also help stimulate housing development, allowing families to thrive and neighborhoods to provide a full range of housing choice and opportunity. The mission of the Bureau of Housing is to build strong healthy communities and increase opportunities for people of all income levels to live in our city.

The Bureau of Housing also works with private housing developers to increase the supply of quality housing in the City and to ensure economic diversity through new construction and rehabilitation projects. These goals are accomplished using federal, state and City funds.

The Bureau of Housing also preserves the housing stock by rehabilitating dilapidated homes and building new homes on in-fill lots that complement the character and preserve the integrity of the great neighborhoods in our city. To this end, we support market-rate projects and housing for working families and manage key programs to assist homebuyers, and help residents make home improvements.

Contact Us

10 North Second Street, Suite 206
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1678
Phone: 311

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do I Call For Heating Complaints, Roof Leaks, Mold, And Other Code Violations?

For heating complaints, you can contact the Codes Administration Office at 717.255.6553; an inspector will be contacted immediately. At which time, the codes inspector will contact the landlord who will be given 24 hours to provide some form of heating.

A landlord/tenant complaint form will need to be submitted for all other complaints. FYI: Heating complaints are handled almost immediately.

Please be advised, we do not take care of any mold issues, but will check for leaks that cause mold.

What Are My Rights Under Fair Housing Law?

Please contact PA Fair Housing Council at 2100 N. 6th St., Harrisburg PA 17110 or call them at 717-238-9540

I want to file a complaint against my landlord or tenant? How do I do that?