Sept. 11, 2018 Harrisburg, PA – Five Harrisburg firefighters are being sent to South Carolina to assist with emergency responses to Hurricane Florence, which is expected to hit the Carolina coasts within the next few days.

Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Papenfuse and City officials are closely monitoring weather conditions in connection with the Category 4 hurricane but see no cause for alarm in the forecast for our region.

“Our emergency management staff is on guard and watching the forecast on an hourly basis,” said Mayor Papenfuse. “There is the potential for significant rainfall on ground already saturated from summer rain, and we will keep residents informed of any developments that would impact public safety.”

Fire Chief Brian Enterline says the Susquehanna River is expected to crest early Wednesday at 14 ½ feet, “but  the forecasts now call for the water to begin receding on Thursday.”

“Even as we expect minimal impact in our region from Hurricane Florence,” said Enterline, “we are proud to be able to send some of our best people to help the Carolinas battle what looks like a very powerful storm.”

For more information, contact Joyce M. Davis, Director of Communications, at [email protected].



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