March 22, 2018 

HARRISBURG – Four parks in the City of Harrisburg are now closed through September 2018 due to construction work that will lead to significant improvements of the parks in a collaborative effort between the City of Harrisburg’s Parks & Recreation Department and Capital Region Water.

The parks that are closed include:

  1. Cloverly Heights Playground, 1204 Rolleston St.
  2. Penn Sayford, 1321 Penn St.
  3. Norwood & Holly Playground, 210 Norwood St.
  4. Royal Terrace, 1200 King St.

Residents are advised to avoid these parks until further notice from the City of Harrisburg. Parents/Guardians are requested to alert children that the parks are closed and ensure they do not enter the area.  The City will strictly enforce trespassing ordinances during the closures to protect public safety.

Streets near parks also may be closed during the work periods, and the City will alert the public at least 24 hours in advance.

Please contact 311 or with questions.

The City of Harrisburg, Parks & Recreation and Capital Region Water are working together to improve the City of Harrisburg Parks & Playgrounds. The project is funded by Capital Region Water, Department of Conservation and Natural Resource, The Department of Community and Economic Development and Impact Harrisburg to address issues discovered in a 2015 audit of the city’s playgrounds.

ADA accessibility issues will be addressed at each of the parks. The basketball courts at Royal Terrace and Cloverly Heights also will be improved to make them more environmentally friendly.

For more information, contact Joyce M. Davis, Director of Communications, City of Harrisburg at, or call 717 255 3015.



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