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    Tuesday, January 19, 2016 HARRISBURG – Harrisburg businesses can now file both the earned income tax and the local services tax withholdings online with Keystone Collections Group’s expanded services in Harrisburg

    “Most Harrisburg businesses already file their earned income taxes online with Keystone’s e-file,” said Joseph W. Lazzaro, Keystone’s vice president and general counsel. “Now businesses can file their local services taxes online with ease and confidence.”

    Pennsylvania law requires businesses to withhold both the earned income and the local services taxes from each employee’s paycheck. Businesses must file quarterly with the tax officer, Keystone. Businesses need to know:

    • The Local Services Tax (LST) is based on where the employee works.
    • Businesses must file their withholdings within 30 days after each calendar quarter:
      • 1st Quarter Due April 30, 2016
      • 2nd Quarter Due July 31, 2016
      • 3rd Quarter Due Oct. 31, 2016
      • 4th Quarter Due Jan. 31, 2017
    • Many businesses opt to file monthly rather than quarterly.
    • Anyone who concurrently works multiple jobs pays the LST only at the place where they earn the most money.

    Keystone has served as Harrisburg’s local earned income tax collector since 2012. For more information on local tax withholding, visit Keystone’s website:, click the Business Resources tab and select Frequently Asked Questions.

    CONTACT: Peter Busowski


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  • Posted by My Name on January 22, 2016, 5:48 pm

    Harrisburg businesses have been filing their Local Services Tax online "with ease and confidence" for the past several years. (with Capital Tax Collection Bureau)
    Presenting the fact that we can file LST online with Keystone Collections group as something brand new or unique is untrue, misleading, and insulting to those of us who are most affected.
    The TRUTH is this *improvement* will require local businesses to make changes to software, payroll service contracts, etc. The city and school district of Harrisburg will benefit…not local businesses.
    Will your company be providing support to us, the ones most affected, during this transition?

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