The City of Harrisburg has drafted a new plan for a composting facility on property it has been provided in Susquehanna Township. 

The plan would allow the City to recycle leaves, branches, and brush in an environmentally friendly area that would also serve as an educational center for students.  The City has revised the plan after meetings with residents in the Township and in the City of Harrisburg. The result is a plan that will meet the City’s needs for a recycling center while addressing the concerns of area residents.    

For an overview of the recycling plan, click here: Composting-Site-Plan1

Please see link to city’s permit application, click HERE

The proposed area for the composting plan is a 5-acre permit site with a total lease area of 13.1 acres. The Harrisburg 

School District owns 41 acres in the vicinity of the composting site.

The proposed composting site will only accept processing for leaf waste, garden waste, yard waste, tree trimmings, and shrubbery.  The City will include a 6-acre green belt buffer zone to allow space for wildlife and vegetation to continue to flourish.


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