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    HARRISBURG, Jan. 28 – Property owners must clear their sidewalks of snow and ice by Friday or risk citation, Mayor Eric Papenfuse warned Thursday.

    “Sidewalks blocked by snow and ice are serious safety risks for pedestrians, and especially for children walking to school,” Papenfuse said. “The city ordinance requires that sidewalks are cleared 24 hours after the snow has stopped.”

    Papenfuse said Harrisburg teachers have expressed concerns about the safety of children walking to school, and there were reports of some children slipping on icy sidewalks.

    Codes enforcement officers on Friday will begin inspecting sidewalks, especially those around schools, to ensure the safety of children, Papenfuse said. “We will begin issuing warnings, but we are serious about protecting children and the elderly who must use the sidewalks.”

    The ordinance warns of serious liability risks for property owners who do not clear their sidewalks to allow for the safe passage of pedestrians.

    For more information, contact Joyce M. Davis at, or call 717 255-3015.

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  • Posted by RL on February 8, 2014, 5:40 pm

    First I would like to appreciate Mayor Papenfuse for demonstrating strong leadership and taking an active stand for the financial health of the city by foregoing an inaugural party. Thank you.

    Secondly my current concern is that of clearing the city streets of snow and ice. I own a house in midtown and I have had to call off of work every time we have a significant snow or ice storm this season. The most recent storm that occurred February 4 cost me two days of work and significant stress because my car was stuck in ice. I work in Union Deposit and I have to tell my employer that I can’t get out of Harrisburg to get to Harrisburg while other employees can drive 45 minutes from points north. I witnessed many neighbors spinning out, having passers-by push their cars and also unable to drive safely on our streets. Currently streets like Harris and Hamilton are still thick with ice and have formed deep luge-like tracks where tires drive that make cars fish-tail and make it impossible to parallel park in some spots. Is it possible to salt or cinder the streets to prevent this please? My real estate taxes are upwards of $3600 per year; I understand these dollars go to a defunct school district that does not even serve its students as it should but in paying so much money to live here I have an expectation of the city taking care and providing such services. I enjoy midtown and believe it is a wonderful place to live. I look forward to our new growth as a city and community with Mayor Papenfuse’s leadership.

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    • Posted by Susan on February 10, 2014, 1:21 pm
      in reply to RL

      I must agree with RL. While the city demands residents clean their sidewalks, the streets and crossing areas are just as dangerous and is the city’s duty to clear up. I lived in the city for several years recently and the city was very remiss in it’s own clearing of snow and salting of the icy street, yet the residents don’t get to hand out citations to the city. It is very difficult walk or drive/park in the city with the all the snow mounding up, iced through 3-5 inches and slippery.

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  • Posted by Michael on February 17, 2014, 6:32 am

    Some neighbors continue to ignore the ordinance to clean a walkable path of snow from their sidewalk. One neighbor, who has owned the house 2 doors away for 7 years or so, has never even attempted to clear their sidewalk while the rest of the block is cleaned off. These people could certainly afford to have their walk cleaned if they won’t clean it. Pathetic!

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  • Posted by Pat George on June 22, 2015, 6:53 pm

    So do homeowners and renters actually own the sidewalk in front of their home or are sidewalks city property but residents are held responsible to maintain them?

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