Sept. 6, 2018, Harrisburg — Living relatives of Mary Sachs will join with leaders of Historic Harrisburg Association and city officials to commemorate the centennial of the opening of Harrisburg’s legendary Mary Sachs Store on Sept. 6, 1918. 

Location: Capitol Park, at Third and Locust Streets, with the Mary Sachs store as the backdrop.

Ms. Sachs’ impact on Harrisburg was trifold:  She brought world-class fashion and an international following; her elegant store on Third Street opposite Capitol Park helped establish Downtown Harrisburg as a center of commerce and culture; her generous philanthropy – a godsend to the needy and an inspiration to those who were well off – lives on today through the Mary Sachs Charitable Trust. 

The ceremony will feature brief remarks from two great nephews who worked in the store (22 departments, 200 employees) as teenagers.  Young ladies will model heirloom Mary Sachs dresses on loan from their original owners. 

The noon ceremony precedes a 5 p.m. opening reception for the new exhibit “Harrisburg’s Merchant Heritage and the Legacy of Mary Sachs” at Historic Harrisburg Resource Center, 1230 N. Third Street. 

News media may visit earlier in the day to get video of the exhibit or come during the opening reception.

For more information:

David J. Morrison

Executive Director

Historic Harrisburg Association

1230 North Third Street

Harrisburg, PA 17102

717-574-5370 (cell)

717-233-4646 (office)

[email protected]



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