Local Law Enforcement and Community Corporations support “Shop With Cops” Harrisburg Police Athletic League (HPAL)

A heartwarming story for the holiday season about cops from various local departments and HPAL youth as they spend the day together focusing on family and community relationships.

WHO:  Chief Thomas Carter, Sheriff Nick Chimienti, Jr., along with more than 30 other local law enforcement officers, are joining together on this special day of mentoring HPAL youth. HPAL Board Members, volunteers, Walmart staff and Rite Aid volunteers are fully engaged to support this day long activity.

WHAT: The highlight of the 5th Annual Shop With Cops is the mentoring and support HPAL members receive throughout the day with their law enforcement mentor. This is an opportunity that builds relationships, strengthen communities and bring understanding about the complexity of being an officer of the law and the challenge of being a youth in today’s world. 65 HPAl Members are holiday shopping for their family members through a generous donation of gift cards from Walmart foundation and our local Walmart’s donation. Walmart will be presenting a check when the HPAL Organization arrives at their store at 11am.

WHEN:    Saturday, December 10, 2016 Agenda

9AM to 10AM Heinz Community Center (Photo Opportunities of Law Enforcement mentor matching, youth interacting with cops, CEO Interview)

11AM to 12PM Walmart Store (Photo Opportunities Large Walmart Check to HPAL. Shopping adventures with youth and law enforcement mentors and interview opportunities with local Police Chief and Sheriff and other cops supporting this day.)

1PM to 2PM Heinz Community Center for wrapping gifts and more interactions about the relationships that were build that day. Great interview opportunities.


9AM to 10AM Heinz Community Center where the mentor match and breakfast will commence. 1824 N. 4th Street Harrisburg, PA (Street Parking)

11AM Walmart 6535 Grayson Road, Harrisburg PA (Parking Lot)

1PM return to Heinz Community Center 1824 N. 4th Street Harrisburg, PA

WHY: “5th Annual Shop With Cops” is a highlight of the year for HPAL members. They work hard all year attending HPAL events, meetings, keeping up with school work, attending many sports practices, games and more to attend this event. They value the relationship building opportunity it provides to get to know law officers on a more personal level. They all learn about each other and the event ultimately supports our youth crime prevention mission.

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