HARRISBURG –  At Tuesday’s Harrisburg City Council Legislative Session, Mayor Papenfuse addressed the concerns raised by the public at the August 20th City Council Meeting surrounding the traffic signage plans along N. 3rd St. He presented a compromise plan of action regarding the stop signs at 3rd/Emerald, 3rd/Kelker, 3rd/Boyd, and 3rd/Harris.

The City plans to remove the stop signs at the intersections of 3rd/Harris and 3rd/Boyd on Monday, October 7th and replace them with calming measures. The stop signs at 3rd/Emerald and 3rd/Kelker will remain.

After the anticipated completion of the Third Street Multimodal Project in 2020, the traffic control map will come to City Council for approval as an ordinance. City Council will make the final decision on the long-term status of the stop signs at that time.

Below are diagrams that illustrate this announcement as it relates to the stop signs at Boyd Alley and Harris St:


Stop signs at Boyd Alley and Harris St. will be removed as part of the Third St. Project.

For Boyd Alley at HACC, the stop signs and stop bars are being replaced with the following:

  1. Raised intersection with Stamped Concrete.
  2. Proper signage

  1. Thermoplastic Yield Lines.

  1. Speed table markings.

For Harris Street the stop signs on 3rd St. are being replaced with the following:

  1. Curb Extensions at each quadrant.

  1. High visibility crosswalks
  2. Pedestrian Crossing Yield on Banana Base



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