Mayor Papenfuse Extends Heartfelt Thanks to Veterans Everywhere for their Service and Sacrifice


Nov. 10, 2014

HARRISBURG – In honor of Veterans Day, Mayor Eric Papenfuse extends his sincerest appreciation to the nation’s veterans who have serve the people of the United States of America with bravery and distinction for more than two centuries.

“Our city and our nation owe a great debt to the many noble men and women of our armed services,” Mayor Papenfuse said. “Without their sacrifice, our nation would neither be free nor a beacon of hope to people around the world.”

Mayor Papenfuse called upon residents of Harrisburg to seriously contemplate the profound sacrifice of the nation’s veterans and their families. He also urged citizens of Harrisburg to join him in expressing their special appreciation to neighbors, friends and relatives who have served in the armed forces.

“This is a day to pause and honor veterans everywhere.  But we especially honor the sons and daughters of Harrisburg who have so ably protected all that we hold dear. May we always treasure their memory and their service.”


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