Mayor Papenfuse Joins DA Ed Marsico to Announce $100,000 Bail Program for Illegal Guns

Mayor Eric Papenfuse, District Attorney Ed Marsico, Harrisburg Police Chief Thomas Carter and law enforcement officials from throughout Dauphin County announced today the start of a new program to encourage judges to require $100,000 bail f…or anyone caught possessing an illegal firearm.
Under the “$100K Illegal Gun Project,” Harrisburg police officers and the District Attorney’s Office will request courts set bail at a minimum of $100,000 for anyone charged with illegally carrying a firearm.
The $100,000 bail would be recommended for felons who are prohibited from carrying a firearm and for anyone carrying a firearm on their person or in their vehicle without a license.
“This new program is one of several steps we are taking to protect our citizens from gun violence,” said Mayor Eric Papenfuse.  “We are working closely with the District Attorney and law enforcement agencies throughout the region to make Harrisburg a safer community.”
Harrisburg Police and the District Attorney’s Office also will request that any juvenile, age 15 or older, who is charged with illegally carrying a firearm be detained at a juvenile detention facility.
“Too often we have seen the tragic consequences of illegal gun violence,” Marsico stated. “Now if you get caught carrying an illegal gun, you will go to jail, not back home.” Marsico noted the program is patterned on a similar project started by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, and originally piloted in St. Louis, Missouri. The program will begin April 21. In the meantime, police urged anyone who has a gun to turn in to contact Harrisburg Police immediately. Police will make arrangements to pick up the weapon.
If a gun is turned in this week and has not been used in a crime, no charges will be filed for illegal gun possession, Marsico said.
Marsico and Papenfuse thanked the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas and President Judge Todd Hoover, as well as the county’s Magisterial District Judges for their cooperation with law enforcement on this project.IMG_3202[1] IMG_3201[1] Chief Carter at presser
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