Dozens of new homes soon will be built in Midtown Harrisburg in a new plan to complete development of the Capitol Heights Project. The Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority has issued requests for proposals to solicit bids to construct houses on almost 100 lots in the Capitol Heights Project near 4th and Hamilton Streets. “The construction of these new homes will greatly enhance the Midtown area and provide beautiful new housing to attract new residents,” said Mayor Eric Papenfuse. “We expect the Redevelopment Authority to receive bids and decide on a contractor by the end of the year.”

Construction is expected to begin on the new homes in early 2017, and many could be ready for sale by mid-2017. New homes in the Capitol Heights Project area will be sold at market rates, which will be determined based on real estate conditions in 2017.
Information on the RFP and the project is available at the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority website at:

Phase One of the project will include construction of new homes on 39 “improved lots,” which already have water, sewer, sidewalks and other improvements.
Phase Two will include redevelopment of 58 “unimproved” lots, which still need basic infrastructure to support new homes.

The Redevelopment Authority is asking $9,500 each for the improved lots, and $1,500 for the unimproved lots.

People who purchase the newly constructed homes will benefit from the new Tax Abatement incentive, which would allow them significant tax savings for ten years. A homebuyer who would normally pay $4,500 in annual real estate taxes would save $45,000 over 10 years due to the tax abatement.

For more information, contact Joyce M. Davis at or call 717 255 3015.


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