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Comments (4)

  • Charles Boettinger, Board Member

    Only one of three containers was emptied today at 1125 S 16th St, Grace House Ministries. We are paying commercial rates and would like our trash taken care of.

  • william

    I got 40 boxes some that don’t belong to me in front of my house not picked up on time .. 1216 n 16th street …

  • Jessica Delgado

    1410 sate street. 17103
    Our house was missed.
    This is not the first time and is causing a lot of issues neighborhood cats are ripping through my bags and throwing trash everywhere it is too cold to be standing outside picking up trash all day.

  • Donna

    Finally, our trash collectors are replacing the trash cans neatly on the side after collection. It used to be that trash cans were strewn wherever the the can was emptied, either in the middle of the street or simply placed in half cocked position where cars could not get by. Yesterday, however, collections were neat and clean.

    Thank you!
    Happy Homeowner

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