Public Works and Harrisburg Authority Working to Fill New Sinkhole

HARRISBURG, Feb. 21– Crews from both Harrisburg Public Works and The Harrisburg Authority completed their investigation Friday night of a sinkhole that appeared earlier in the day in front of 2034 N. 4th Street in Harrisburg, damaging a car but creating no public safety risks.

“There is no water or sewer disruption,” said Harrisburg Authority Executive Director Shannon Williams, “and there is no threat to public safety. Both the City and the Harrisburg Authority are working closely to deal with the situation.”

Drivers are urged to avoid the area over the weekend as the sinkhole is not expected to be filled until Monday.

The sink hole appeared Friday morning and workers were able to confirm that the sinkhole was not caused by leakage from a city water main.

“We have identified the source of the sinkhole as a private sewer line that may have been deteriorating for years, if not decades,” Williams said. “The Authority is now checking to see if there are any structural problems with the major pipes in the streets that are our responsibility.”


Williams noted that Fourth Street presents a special challenge as tracks for trolley lines are still in the street encased in concrete. “The concrete casing can hide very big holes and prevent us from detecting them,” Williams said.

For more information, call the Harrisburg Authority’s hotline: 1-888-510-0606 or email



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