Gov. Tom Corbett announced Wednesday in the Atrium of the MLK Government Center that the City of Harrisburg will no longer be under Receivership as of March 1, 2014IMG_20100124_143734.  The announcement culminated years of state financial control of the city and signaled the official beginning of Harrisburg’s economic recovery.  Harrisburg has passed “from crisis into recovery,” Gen. William Lynch declared in ending his role as the Receiver appointed by Gov. Corbett. IMG_20100124_143349

Mayor Papenfuse, former Mayor Linda Thompson and Gen. Lynch were joined by City Councilman Brad Koplinski and former City Councilman Bruce Weber to mark the historic moment.  Harrisburg remains in Act 47, and the Governor has appointed Fred Reddig to serve as Coordinator to assist the city in continuing implementation of the Harrisburg Strong plan, which provides a blueprint for the city’s economic recovery.IMG_20100124_144914

“Harrisburg’s financial emergency has subsided,” said Mayor Papenfuse, expressing gratitude toward city and state leaders who helped put Harrisburg on the road to a more prosperous future.

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