Harrisburg in the Snow

It’s a winter wonderland in Harrisburg right now! Everything from the MLK Government Center to Reservoir Park are covered in snow, and it’s a sight to behold!

Simply driving along Front Street makes one want to stop and take photos.

The Peace Garden, Sunken Garden and the bridges over the Susquehanna are especially beautiful with the thick blanket of white this winter has brought.

Don’t forget to take a break, bundle up and step outside to enjoy the beauty this season has to offer!

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Sunsets on the Susquehanna River


One of our city’s greatest asset is the beautiful Susquehanna River that runs along Front Street. Our downtown is developed on the river’s east side and is nearly a mile long, making Harrisburg the largest city located on the lower part of the river. It flows southeast across South Central Pennsylvania.

If you’ve never walked or driven along this route, you need to. There’s never a dull view!

The best time to come out by the river is right before sunset, whether it’s on Front Street or at the concrete beach on City Island. The sunsets you will see are among the most breathtaking anywhere in the world.

Sources: http://www.visitcentralpa.org/things-to-do/the-susquehanna-river

–Syeda Tayyeba, Communications Assistant, City of Harrisburg

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