Thanks, Loretta!

Our Public Works staff works so hard during the most difficult weather. It’s nice to get a letter like the one below:
I want to thank you for responding to my inquires and giving me contact information. Dave came to get my trash this afternoon and I just spoke with Aaron Johnson, and as suspected, there was someone new on the route.
I want to say how pleased I am with this new administration being… so polite and responsive.  In all the 25 years I have lived in my home here in Harrisburg, I have never seen such great service. 
Please forward this email to Aaron Johnson.  Although I told him on the phone just now that I appreciated everything, I want him to know how pleased I am with this new administration.  He also asked about the sewage grates that I previously reported.  I told him how that was taken care of as well.
Also, talking to others that live in the City as well, they have also commented on how they see things happening for the better.  Keep up the good work!!
Hopefully, I will not need to burden you any further.  The new sanitation worker has been informed where to find my valuable trash.
Thanks again,
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