The Honorable Eugenia Smith Has Died

The Honorable Eugenia Smith, Harrisburg City Council member, was pronounced dead at Harrisburg Hospital Friday afternoon.  No further details are available.  Council Member Smith was a life-long resident of Harrisburg and was chair of the council’s Public Safety Committee.  She had a long and distinguished career as an elected official and public servant.

“This is deeply shocking,” said Mayor Eric Papenfuse in learning of Councilwoman Smith’s death.  “I share the pain and loss thateugenia 3 people throughout our city assuredly feel as we try to absorb this sudden news. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time.”

Councilwoman Smith was at home when she took ill, Harrisburg police saideugenia2eugenia 5eugenia. She was rushed to Harrisburg Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

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