Women and the Railroad: Visions and Possibilities

Joyce Robinson will lead a discussion of “Women and the Railroad: Visions and Possibilities” at noon Friday in the Brownbag in the Atrium series at the MLK Government Center, 10 N. Second St.

Robinson will show a 10-minute video about three railroad employees and their daily activities.

Robinson is a certified engineer who began working for CONRAIL in 1977 as a block operator. Robinson used a traffic control machine to operate switches and levers to bring trains in and out of railroad yards. She also worked numerous clerical jobs and served as a brakeman and locomotive engineer, the first black female in Harrisburg to hold the position and one of few in the United States.

Robinson operated freight train with AMTRAK, SEPTA, CSXT, CONRAIL and NORFOLK SOUTHERN main lines.

“Working on the railroad is not a job,” Robinson said, “it’s a way of life for many.”

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