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February 22, 2023

HARRISBURG – City residents looking to buy a home for the first time can get essential help at no cost thanks to a monthly course run by Tri-County Housing Development.

The counseling class takes place once a month, and assists prospective buyers with information about mortgages, credit budgeting, and other general facets of home ownership. The class runs eight-hours, and when completed, a certificate is provided to the attendee which will benefit them with down payment and closing cost assistance opportunities when they purchase their first home.

The course is free to the public, though it does require pre-registration.

“We look forward to pre-qualifying many prospective homebuyers for a Pennsylvania Housing Financing Agency (PHFA) mortgage loan,” said Gary Lenker, Tri-County HDC Executive Director. “We believe in the power of homeownership to help build lives and families, and we look forward to this new chapter, as we take on a new home and added opportunities to serve the community.” 

The TCHDC, which is located at the PHFA building at 201 North Front Street in Harrisburg, was recently approved to participate in the Comprehensive Homeownership Counseling Network as part of the Level Up Program through the PHFA. The Level Up Program works with nonprofit organizations to guide and support them in building their own housing counseling programs.

Classes will run from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the entire 2023 calendar is listed below. Due to the nature of the classes, children can not be accommodated. Lunch will be provided to attendees.

Potential attendees are asked to call TCHDC Housing Counselor Denise Welch at (717) 231-3604 ext. 122 or email [email protected] to sign up.

The City of Harrisburg continues to make affordable living one of the top priorities of Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams’ administration. Part of finding an affordable home for your family, according to the city’s Department of Building and Housing Development Director Dennise Hill, is knowing what to look for when speaking with sellers or real estate agents.

“The City of Harrisburg is excited about this service being provided to the community because it empowers residents to stabilize their families and neighborhoods through homeownership,” Hill said. “By assisting City residents with the knowledge of how to purchase a home, Tri-County HDC is continuing their proven history of partnering with us in rebuilding a strong community, one household at a time.”

First Time Home Buyer Workshop Schedule 2023
n person workshop dates:

January 14th (Saturday)
February 11th (Saturday)
March 11th (Saturday)
April 15th (Saturday)
May 20th (Saturday)
June 24th (Saturday)
July 8th (Saturday)
August 5th (Saturday)
September 16th (Saturday)
October 14th (Saturday)
November 11th (Saturday)
December 16th (Saturday)