{HARRISBURG} — The City of Harrisburg is helping local non-profits and other organizations with their Dauphin County Gaming Grant applications.

For the first time, organizations wishing to request a Dauphin County Gaming Grant co-applicant letter from the City of Harrisburg will need to fill out this online form. Clicking this link will take you to a new window.

Using this form, along with filling out pertinent information about the organization, applicants will need to address their purpose, mission, and vision of their organization, and how they plan to use requested grant funds. Applicants will also need to provide details, if able, as to whether or not the grant will leverage other funds from additional local donors and foundations.

The deadline to complete this form is Monday, July 8.

Online Form

Please click here to be taken to the City of Harrisburg Co-Applicant Form.

Dauphin County Gaming Grant application image

Once completed, the form will create an auto-generated letter, which will be reviewed by Mayor Wanda Williams in advance of her potential signature. Mayor Williams will review each letter and organization which requests the City of Harrisburg as a co-applicant on a rolling basis. Approved letters will be signed by Mayor Williams, then scanned and sent to the Dauphin County Gaming Grant staff.

If the City rejects a request for a co-applicant letter, the organization is encouraged to reach out immediately to the County for a direct sponsorship.

Co-applicant letter seekers will learn by no later than July 31 if their letter has been accepted or rejected. Dauphin County has established a deadline of August 15 for all sponsorship requests to be received. More information about the county’s list of important gaming grant dates and application information can be found on the Dauphin County Gaming Grant website.

In 2024, Dauphin County awarded $9.1 million in gaming dollars from Hollywood Casino’s local share revenue program. Money went to provide for emergency responder equipment, food bank resources, school security upgrades, handicapped accessible improvements to public buildings, playgrounds, infrastructure projects and more, to more than 200 recipients, spanning more than 200 initiatives. 

The Dauphin County Gaming Advisory Board (GAB) presented recommendations to the commissioners on who should receive funding. Those recommendations were made following an extensive application and hearing process. 


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