{HARRISBURG} – The Harrisburg Bureau of Police and City of Harrisburg announced Thursday a gun buy-back initiative.

The event will take place Saturday, June 22 from 12-5pm at the Kappa Omega Fraternity House, 2020 State Street in Harrisburg. Police are encouraging people to sell them back to the Harrisburg Bureau of Police in exchange for a $100 Visa gift card.

No questions for people returning their firearms. Police will accept all ammunition. Indiivduals must unload all guns and place them in a secure container or holster.

This is Harrisburg’s first gun buy-back initiative since before 2010. The City is teaming up with the Kappa Omega Chapter of Capital City Ques and Community Uplift of Central Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg Police have had success in recent years taking illegally owned firearms off the street. Most recently, in 2022, a record high of 274 guns were apprehended. In 2023, Harrisburg Police took 251 away from criminals.

Harrisburg Police Announce Gun Buy-Back Initiative

“It does not matter how much though we invest in public safety. At some point, we, as citizens need to be accountable for ourselves and our families, and do the right thing,” Mayor Wanda Williams said Thursday at the press conference announcing the gun buy-back initiative. “Putting down the guns is not enough. It is time to give them up, and we are happy to buy them back to make this city safer.”

So far in 2024, 109 firearms have been entered into evidence by Harrisburg Police officers.


Matt Maisel, Communications Director
(717) 255-7295