The City of Harrisburg, Harrisburg Bureau of Police, and Harrisburg School District are partnering to work together on additional security measures for John Harris High School after a fight on September 27.

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September 29, 2022

HARRISBURG – Following a fight at John Harris High School this week which involved at least 22 students, the Harrisburg Bureau of Police has offered to assist the Harrisburg School District with additional support and security.

As part of the partnership, agreed upon by Harrisburg Superintendent Eric Turman, Police Commissioner Thomas Carter, and Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams, Harrisburg Police officers will be conducting ongoing wellness checks at the John Harris campus. Additional police presence is available for any school within the district which requests or requires extra safety for the benefit of the students’ ability to learn, according to Commissioner Carter.

“The incident that happened this week [at John Harris High School] was unconscionable,” Carter added. “The students need to have a safe and community-driven learning environment in order for them to thrive.”

Along with the increased police presence at the school, Harrisburg Police has offered to work with school district security staff on how to properly deal with incidents like the one which occurred on Tuesday.

The City of Harrisburg’s decision to be involved in school district security measures comes from Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams’ desire to give all children in the city an equal opportunity to get a quality education.

“I’m committed to helping the district in any way I can so that the kids can receive the education they deserve,” Mayor Williams said.

Mayor Williams served on the Harrisburg School District School Board as its President from 1998-2002.

In a letter to parents Wednesday, school district Superintendent Eric Turman called the incident “extremely upsetting and troubling,” adding acts of violence will not be tolerated on school property. Mr. Turman met with Mayor Williams and the Harrisburg Bureau of Police on Wednesday to establish a partnership with the city moving forward.

“We are also asking for support from parents, guardians, students, and community members,” Mr. Turman wrote, and echoed by Mayor Williams. “We simply cannot solve these issues alone.”