HARRISBURG – Mayor Eric Papenfuse will hold a press conference at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, October 4th, at the MLK City Government Center to announce Autumn Cooper & Anthony Burnett as his appointees for the Harrisburg Citizens Law Enforcement Advisory Committee (CLEAC).   

Bill 8 establishing the committee was approved by City Council in November 2020 to review the actions of the Harrisburg Bureau of Police. It will help in fostering positive relationships and an improved understanding between the police and members of the community.  

The committee is to be made up of five members appointed by City Council and two members appointed by the Mayor. The seven appointed members must be Harrisburg residents and from separate police districts from one another. 

Mr. Burnett is a Harrisburg native who graduated from Harrisburg High School. His years of experience working with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department as a coach demonstrates his passion for working with the youth.   

Ms. Cooper is also a Harrisburg native who has a Master’s of Business Administration from Lincoln University and is working on her Doctorate in Business Administration, Management. She is an advocate for education and literacy in the community and volunteers with the American Literacy Corporation for the Reading 365 Program. 

“Harrisburg City Council has failed to make establishment of this important board a priority,” Mayor Papenfuse said. “I call upon them to act with a sense of urgency on issues of police reform and to realize that there are qualified community members like Anthony Burnett and Autumn Cooper who are willing to step up and work towards greater accountability and improved relations between residents and police in Harrisburg.” 

For more information, contact Syeda Tayyeba at 717-255-6296.