HARRISBURG – Mayor Papenfuse has extended the eviction moratorium for another thirty days in the City of Harrisburg. This second extension continues to temporarily suspend the eviction, ejectment or displacement of tenants or occupants from any residential dwelling unit or rooming house.

“It is important that we continue this eviction moratorium for the health and safety of our residents during these difficult times,” said Mayor Eric Papenfuse. 

The renewable 30-day suspension of evictions only applies to eviction for non-payment of rent. It has no effect on evictions related to criminal activity, threats to the health and safety of other residents, or damage to property. Nothing in the ordinance relieves a tenant of the obligation to pay rent. Violation of this ordinance may result in fines of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to 90 days for any individual who causes the violation.  

The emergency ordinance, declaration and its extensions can be viewed at the links below. City residents in need of assistance or more information regarding the moratorium should email their inquiries to [email protected]The City of Harrisburg Non-Emergency Information Help Desk can be reached at 3-1-1 or 717-255-3040. In case of emergency, residents should contact the Harrisburg Bureau of Police.

Click here to view Bill 21-2020 Eviction Moratorium

Click here to view Second Supplemental Declaration of Public Health Emergency 2.12.2021