(HARRISBURG) – Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams has released the following statement regarding the July 4 events in Riverfront Park that took place during the fireworks show.

“Earlier tonight at the July 4th fireworks show in Riverfront Park, Harrisburg Police officers helped stop what potentially could have been a catastrophic event. On three separate occasions, our officers noticed what they believed were weapons being carried in the crowd of people. Each time they approached the individuals, that person ran. The first person they came across, a juvenile, had a gun with a 24-round magazine. Harrisburg Police officers took him into custody. The second person, an adult man, started running with another juvenile, and he threw his gun into the river. Both were arrested. The third was a boy with a BB gun. He was eventually stopped and was released. Other kids were setting off firecrackers and running. One person ran into me and fell on my leg. Commissioner Carter made the decision at that point to end the fireworks show early for everyone’s safety.

Aside from being furious at what happened, I am deeply indebted to the heroic actions of our Harrisburg Bureau of Police officers. When they spotted potential danger, they ran towards it, and in the process, prevented what could have been a disaster. The City of Harrisburg owes our men and women in uniform our highest gratitude. Because of them, there were no shots fired tonight and no major injuries. While it’s disappointing a few bad actors ruined an incredible and free event we put on for the city, we are most glad they kept everyone safe.”