Paving Equals Progress: harrisburg 2024 paving guide

In the summer and early fall of 2024, City of Harrisburg Public Works will continue their committment to making neighborhoods safer by giving streets fresh paving. More than 25 stretches of road in the city will receive new pavement, covering all of Harrisburg’s neighborhoods. A list of planned projects are listed below.

All dates are to be determined and subject to change due to weather and contractor availability.


Bellevue Park

Pentwater Road: Bellevue Road to Hillside Road
Rudy Road: 20th Street to Hillside Road
Mulberry Street: 20th Street to Hillside Road
Bellevue Road: 2012 Bellevue Road to 21st Street
Holly Street: 19th Street to Hillside Road


North Allison Hill

Elm Street: 16th Street to 18th Street
17th Street: Liberty Street to Forster Street
17th Street: Boas Street to Cumberland Street
17th Street: Verbeke Street to Parkway Road
Ethel Street: Whitehall Street to 20th Street


South Allison Hill

22nd Street: Berryhill Street to Rudy Road
Swatara Street: Crescent Street to 13th Street
Catherine Street: 15th Street to 17th Street
Berryhill Street: 17th Street to 18th Street
26th Street: Derry Street to Greenwood Street


South Harrisburg

16th Street: Revere Street to Sycamore Street
Hanover Street: Rolleston Street to 19th Street


Old Downtown – Mulberry Station

Court Street: Mulberry Street to Mary Street
3rd Street: Mulberry Street to Mary Street
Mulberry Street: Meadow Lane to 3rd Street
Mulberry Street – Wide Section: Meadow Lane to 3rd Street
Mary Street: 3rd Street to Meadow Lane
Meadow Lane: Mulberry Street to Mary Street
Meadow Lane #2 – Wide Section: Mulberry Street to Mary Street



Woodbine Street: 3rd Street to 4th Street
5th Street: Maclay Street to Woodbine Street