Contact: Matt Maisel, Director of Communications, (717) 255-7295
Dan Miller, City Treasurer, [email protected]

HARRISBURG — A brand new, interactive feature on the City of Harrisburg website, put your city and school tax values one click away.

The “Property Tax Viewer”, available on the Harrisburg City Treasurer’s page on, allows anyone to see what they will be paying in city and school taxes this year. This tool is free for anyone to use, said City Treasurer Dan Miller, whether you’re a Harrisburg resident looking to file taxes, or someone looking to buy a home in the city and wanting to see what the property is worth.

“We get requests for property tax information all the time,” Miller said. “This is exciting because it will allow people to find real estate tax information themselves.”

When you get to the Property Tax Viewer, a map of the City of Harrisburg shows up. Click search, and type in the address of the property you wish to find. After you click on the icon hovering over the property, you’ll be able to see the property owners name, date the property was purchased, and the assessed value of the land and the building.

If there are any exemptions or penalties, those will show up as well. All the information on the website is publicly accessible, Miller added.

“The real value in this are for people looking for homes in the city,” he said. “If I’m looking for a house, I want to know how much it’s going to cost me every year. That’s why this is a great tool.”

It’s especially valuable for realtors and accountants filing residents’ taxes. In the top righthand corner of the screen, anyone can download the entire city real estate tax file.

Tax Day is Monday, April 18.

The Property Tax Viewer is not to be confused with the tool provided by Dauphin County, which only lists county tax information. Harrisburg City and school taxes are available through the city treasury’s new tool.