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April 29, 2022
Contact: Matt Maisel, Director of Communications
[email protected], (717) 255-7295

HARRISBURG – U.S. Senator Bob Casey visited the capital city on Friday to announce the securing of nearly $635,000 to go towards improving the Harrisburg Transportation Center.

The center is in dire need of a new HVAC system. Its existing cooling tower, pumps, and chiller system were installed over two decades ago and are in critical need of replacement. The HTC also needs a new generator, fire pump, sprinkler system, and outdoor lighting.

In all, the entire project would cost an approximated $634,525. Senator Casey was able to get the funds appropriated into the most recent federal budget, which was signed and enacted in March.

“This was urgent because of what we saw during the [COVID-19] pandemic,” Senator Casey said. “Air quality can help prevent the spread of the virus. Even absent that though, it’s critical we make these investments as part of a larger set of investments to improve the basic infrastructure of this historic building.”

The Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority recently reached out to Senator Casey’s office to inform him of the need to replace the transportation center’s HVAC system.

The entire project will be funded by money approved by Congress. It will take a few months to work through the federal approval process, including the Federal Transit Administration and Amtrak. Once the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority acquires the funding, they will seek bids from companies to provide and install the new infrastructure.

The whole process should last until the end of the year, according to HRA Executive Director Bryan Davis.

“We have an important ally in Senator Casey’s office,” Davis said. “It’s crucial for us, as a redevelopment authority, to bring in resources for all of our residents that improve the quality of life here.”

The Harrisburg Transportation Center is a transportation hub for more 1.5 million people every year using Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses.  The Redevelopment Authority was designated since 1983 as the municipal entity entrusted to maintain a Master Lease with Amtrak for the entire facility and grounds.

“The [HTC] is integral to supporting families all across the Keystone State, and it starts here in the City of Harrisburg,” said Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams. We need, and deserve, a station fitting for a capital city, and we’re incredibly grateful for the work Bryan Davis and his team did to ask for these funds, and for Senator Casey for delivering the money to the people who need it most.”