{HARRISBURG} — More than one million dollars is coming for an important Harrisburg flood relief project.

Senator Bob Casey, in announcing the funding Monday, says the city’s redevelopment authority and Capital Region Water will get money. A total of $1.25 million wil go to both to help mitigate flooding from the Paxton Creek.

“This will save lives and protect the livelihoods of so many citizens in Dauphin County, “Senator Casey said. “The need was so great it is earning two congressional directed spending grants.”

The initial round of funding – $500,000 for CRW and $750,000 for the HRA – will go towards engineering and design work.

The whole project is to dechannel the Paxton Creek and take it out of the 100-year flood plan. It also plans to remove acrerage along the creek to make it more suitable and attractive for redevelopment. All told, the project is estimated to cost upwards of $100 million, and will take years to complete.

“This area has been under the threat of flooding my entire life,” said Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams at a press event with Senator Casey on Monday. “We can simply no longer shrug our shoulders the next time Cameron Street is under water. We have the tools and technology to fix it, and now thanks to Senator Casey and President Biden, we are going to have the money as well.”


One of the major components of the project wwill be to dechannel, or widen the Paxton Creek to allow more water volume, according to Harrisburg Fire Chief Brian Enterline. Capital Region Water is involved to help replace the Paxton Creek interceptor, which runs parallel to the creek and holds sewage from half the city and nearby townships. It is over 120 years old and is severely compromised, according to CEO Charlotte Katzenmoyer.

When the Paxton Creek floods, it often crests in the area of Maclay and Cameron Streets, causing significant problems for local emergency services.

“I think it’s a long time coming,” Enterline said. “As we put these projects together, it will help us in an emergency standpoint. When we close Maclay and Cameron [Streets], we have signifcant issues getting from one side of the city to the other. This is a huge deal for us.”



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