Contact: Matt Maisel, Communications Director
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(717) 255-7295

HARRISBURG — The City of Harrisburg, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, have made additional efforts to deter truck drivers from traveling downtown along Front Street.

PennDOT has installed new signs along Front Street, shortly after passing Verbeke Street, warning drivers if their vehicle is 12 feet, 6 inches tall, there is an upcoming bridge which will likely lead to their vehicle getting stuck.

Signs installed by PennDOT located at the intersection of Front and Chestnut Streets indicate vehicles over 12’6″ are prohibited from traveling past Chestnut Street towards a low ceiling bridge. Those who do so can be fined the maximum allowed by state law.

There is also new signage located at the intersection of Front Street at Chestnut Street, which is the last place for trucks to turn to avoid the bridge. These signs indicate vehicles 12’6″ or taller are strictly prohibited from going any further. According to PennDOT, drivers who do so are liable to be punished by $500, the maximum allowed under Pennsylvania law.

Truck drivers traveling south on Front Street are urged to turn onto Forster Street or the Harvey Taylor Bridge, Market Street or the Market Street Bridge, or Chestnut Street as a last possibility.