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Harrisburg’s City Council is the Legislative Branch of City government.  The City Council consists of seven members who are elected at large.  The City Council President is elected by the Council members and presides over the Council meetings.  In the event of illness or absence, the Vice-President presides over the meetings.

City Council considers and evaluates legislative concerns through a study committee structure consisting of committees on Administration, Budget & Finance, Building & Housing, Community & Economic Development, Parks, Recreation & Enrichment, Public Safety, and Public Works.  City Council also confirms all department directors and certain other Mayoral appointees.  Council is also required, by the Third Class Optional City Code of Pennsylvania, to pass an annual budget by December 31st of each fiscal year.


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Office of City Clerk & Council
10 North 2nd Street, Lower Level #1
Harrisburg PA, 17101-1681
Telephone: (717) 255-3060
Fax: (717) 255-3081

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