Adopt-A-Park Program

About the Program

Each adopting group assumes responsibility for an assigned park or section of a park and agrees to participate in park improvements for a one-year, renewable period. The City of Harrisburg will work with the adopting group to select a park and provide guidelines to complete work assigned.

The adopting group or participant agrees to:

  1. Complete Volunteer Application.
  2. Meet with a Parks and Recreation Representative to discuss the park project and identify the park needs.
  3. Be instructed on and operate in accordance with the safety requirements of the program.
  4. Recruit and schedule volunteers from your organization to implement the program.
  5. Obtain permission from the Bureau of Parks and Recreation before proceeding with any activities.
  6. Notify the Bureau of Parks and Recreation of any unusual or suspicious activities or conditions.
  7. Return all equipment, materials and supplies when the project is completed.

The City of Harrisburg will:

  1. Provide the adopting group with the necessary tools and materials to help with their project.
  2. Identify parks available to adopt and provide a list of park needs.
  3. Provide instruction and coordination for assigned work projects with the adopting group.
  4. Dispose of trash and debris from the adopted park site.
  5. Provide the standard sign to recognize the adopting group for their contribution and commitment.