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The Honorable Eric R. Papenfuse took the oath of office as the 38th Mayor of the City of Harrisburg on January 6, 2014, leading a movement to revitalize the city’s economy and restore government. Mayor Papenfuse, a successful businessman, was able to stabilize the City’s finances and keep the City out of bankruptcy during his first term. He was re-elected on November 4, 2017 and began his second term on January 2, 2018. Mayor Papenfuse expanded the City’s economic recovery and created a stable financial future by extending the City’s tax base to include commuters, not just residents.

Papenfuse has fought to increase civilian and community connections in the Harrisburg Police Bureau, by creating a new Community Services Division, establishing non-uniformed liaisons, empowering local organizations, and working to improve community-policing relations.

With the motto, “Together, We Can,” Papenfuse continues to inspire thousands of residents to place their confidence in him to lead Harrisburg in the right direction.

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Eric Papenfuse | Mayor


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