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Bureau of Planning

About Us

The objectives of the Bureau of Planning are as follows:

  • Promote and facilitate physical development plans.
  • Preserve and enhance districts of historical and architectural significance.
  • Collect, analyze, and distribute timely information on planning and community development issues.
  • Develop and apply the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) to all areas of development including the identification of all pertinent physical attributes of a property (floodplain, historic district, and zoning).

Measurements and indicators used to evaluate progress include:

The number of development applications reviewed by the Harrisburg Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, and Historic Architectural Review Board, Environmental reviews and clearances for federally funded programs, Implementation of comprehensive and neighborhood plans; Research, monitoring, and promotion of plans for accessibility and fair housing, Technical assistance to businesses, consultants, and property owners on the plan review and permitting process.

Harrisburg Planning Commission (HPC) Agendas | Minutes

  • JAN 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • FEB 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • MAR 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • APR 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • MAY 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • JUN 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • JUL 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • AUG 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • SEP 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • OCT 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • NOV 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • DEC 2022 No Meeting

Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) Agendas


Harrisburg Architectural Review Board (HARB) Agendas | Minutes

  • JAN 2022 Agenda| Minutes
  • FEB 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • MAR 2022 Agenda | Minutes
  • APR 2022 Agenda| Minutes
  • MAY 2021 Agenda | Minutes
  • JUN 2021 Agenda | Minutes
  • JUL 2021 Agenda | Minutes
  • AUG 2021 Agenda | Minutes
  • SEP 2021 Agenda | Minutes
  • OCT 2021 Agenda | Minutes
  • NOV 2021  Agenda | Minutes
  • DEC 2021 No Meeting

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Capital Region Water (CRW)

Please consider reaching out to Capital Region Water to discuss your development application and subsequent submission. Capital Region Water is responsible for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services in the City of Harrisburg. This includes existing and new service connections. Current Rules and Regulations and all corresponding forms can be found at capitalregionwater.com. All Subdivision and/or Land Development Plans must be reviewed and approved by Capital Region Water if any amount of impervious surface is added, removed, or modified, or if any earth disturbance occurs. Please call 888-510-0606 or email [email protected] for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my property's zoning and what am I permitted to do there?
Is my property in a historic district? What does that mean?
Is my property in a Special Flood Hazard Area?
Geoffrey Knight

Geoffrey Knight | Planning Director


10 N. 2nd St, Suite 405

Harrisburg, PA 17101





Jacob Bowen

Deputy Director of Planning

[email protected]



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