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The Harrisburg Broadcast Network, branded as WHBG-TV 20, is a government access cable tv channel in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Despite its call sign, it is not an FCC-sanctioned terrestrial television station. It is seen in Harrisburg on Comcast cable 20.

The station reaches 32 municipalities served by Comcast on the East and West Shores. They are: Harrisburg City, Susquehanna Township, Penbrook Borough, Paxtang Borough, Lower Paxton Township, Swatara Township, Steelton Borough, Highspire Borough, Lower Swatara Township, New Cumberland Borough, Lemoyne Borough, Wormleysburg Borough, Camp Hill Borough, West Fairview Township, East Pennsboro Township, Hampden Township, Silver Spring Township, Middletown Borough, Royalton Borough, Marysville Borough, Middle Paxton Township, Dauphin Borough, West Hanover Township, Lower Allen Township, Shiresmanstown Borough, Mechanicsburg Borough, Fairview Township, Upper Allen Township, Monroe Township, Carroll Township, Rye Township, Middlesex Township

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I advertise my business on WHBG-TV 20 or underwrite a program?

WHBG-TV 20 does not advertise business products or services but welcomes the underwriting of community and government-related programming

Can I get a copy of a television show from WHBG-TV 20?

WHBG-TV 20 maintains a copy of all programming. A hard copy can be obtained by contacting WHBG and requesting a specific program. There will be a fee associated with obtaining the program.



223 Walnut St

Harrisburg, PA 17101



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