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In accordance with City policy, the Procurement Manager is responsible for reviewing all purchasing requests valued at or exceeding $3,500. Additionally, the Procurement Manager administers the City’s public procurement solicitations and provides procurement and bid services to the City’s (17) bureaus and departments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the City do business with contractors and suppliers?

City buyers are required to follow all applicable procurement codes, policy, and governing laws. Additionally, City buyers are guided by the City’s procurement policy as it relates to the value for each job, order, or contract. Please contact us at 717-255-6472 or click on the procurement policy and buyer directory linked above under Documents & Links for more details. 

Does the city utilize cooperative contracts?

Yes, however, goods and services offered as part of a cooperative contract must be clearly listed and priced on the contract available on the cooperative’s website. The City has previously used Omnia and Costars contracts. Policy requirements may apply, and coop contractors are not authorized to waive bidding requirements.

Who may I contact about offering goods and services to the City?

Please contact us at 717-255-6472 or click on the buyer directory under Documents & Links. Under each buyer is a link to the buyer’s email address where you can reach out to them directly.

Where can I apply for the City of Harrisburg business privilege license?

For businesses located in the City of Harrisburg or performing services within the City, it is required that the business is licensed with the City. Please navigate to the Bureau of Licensing, Taxation and Central Support page to download our business license application. An annual gross receipts tax may apply.

How can I register as a vendor with the City of Harrisburg?

Please click on the vendor registration form link under the Documents & Links section above. Once registered, we will send email notifications when we post a bid, RFP, or other solicitation on PennBid.net. A list of all past and current public solicitations can be found on PennBid.net. 

What happens when completing a vendor registration form?

Vendors who elect to complete our vendor registration form will be added to the vendor list linked above and will receive email notifications when City bids and other public procurement solicitations are posted. It is also encouraged that all vendors register with PennBid.net as PennBid is the current bidding platform utilized by the City of Harrisburg. Registering as a vendor with the City is specific to the City of Harrisburg and will not affect registration status with any other government or authority. 

Is there value in applying for MBE, WBE, and/or other DBE certifications?

Many government entities, non-profits, and private agencies may establish DBE contracting goals and even requirements by category, agency, entity, and/or department and so it may be of value as part of your business development efforts to certify. We recommend seriously considering certification if you or your company offers B2B (Business-to-Business) goods or services. Please carefully consider the time and fees associated with each certifying agency’s application process.

Where can I find a list of current bids and other contract opportunities with the City?

All open solicitations for bids, RFPs, and RFQs are listed above. Click on the view button next to each solicitation title to obtain detailed information on each listed item. Solicitation notices are also posted to the City’s Facebook and LinkedIn social media pages. Please follow the City on social media and share notices for the benefit of all. 

Where can I download the City's public bid documents?

The majority of the City’s public solicitation documents (i.e. bids, RFPs, and RFLOIs) are available on PennBid.net. If you have questions or issues downloading or locating a specific solicitation, please contact us at 717-255-6472.

Can I be notified when public solicitations are posted?

Absolutely, you may submit your company’s information via our vendor registration form. You will be placed on the City’s email list and will received email notifications when public bids become available. Businesses registered on Pennbid.net and with DGS through the Commonwealth’s DGS Supplier Search portal will also be notified when our bids are posted to PennBid.net. If you have submitted a vendor registration form, but have not received a confirmation email, please contact us at 717-255-6472.

Where can I find a list of MBE, WBE, and/or other DBE contractors and suppliers?
How do I find the results of a bid or RFP?

Award information can be found in the solicitation section above and on PennBid. Bid and RFP recordings are typically recorded on the business day following the solicitation due date. Bids are awarded to the lowest most responsive bidder. RFPs are scored by a committee and/or an award may be decided by the Department Head. Please contact us at 717-255-6472 with questions on a specific solicitation. The lead time for awards can vary greatly. 

How can I receive feedback or schedule a debrief on my bid, proposal, or quote?

Call 717-255-6472 or email [email protected] to schedule a debrief.

Who should I contact to confirm the status of payment on an invoice?

First please contact the person who placed the order for goods or services. If payment is past due, please call 717-255-3040 and request to speak with our Accounting Office.

Does the city pay vendors by ACH?

No, the City dos not offer ACH payments at this time. If you require or prefer payment via ACH please let us know by email to [email protected].

Purchasing Guidelines

The City of Harrisburg makes purchases on the open market by informal or formal requests, or by utilizing cooperative contracts. A Purchase Order is required in advance of all goods purchased or services engaged for contracts with a value of more than $3,500 annually. Additionally, all credit card purchases require approval by the Business Administrator.

The City makes most purchases based on the following dollar ranges:

$0 – $3,500: Purchases may be authorized by the Department/Bureau Director or designated department employee. The City Solicitor may require a formal contract.

$3,500-$22,499: Purchases of goods or services in this range require a City authorized Purchase Order. The City Solicitor may require a formal contract.

$22,500 and above: Procurements in excess of Third Clas City bid threshold require an approved encumbrance and often a signed contract. The City Solicitor advises City Departments on the appropriate contracting type. Public bids are administered by the Procurement Manager.

For further details on the City’s Policy please view the Procurement Policy document.


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