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Comprehensive Plan ‘HBG 2020’

2020 Draft

Comprehensive Plan

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What is the Comprehensive Plan?

HBG2020 is a policy document used by City leaders, developers, business owners, and citizens to make decisions about future growth, development, policy, and capital improvements. Its policies inform and guide land use decisions, ensuring that these decisions are not arbitrary, but based on a conscientious analysis of existing and expected future conditions.

This document provides long-range policy direction for land use, transportation, economic development, housing, utilities, public services, and natural and cultural resources. It serves as a guide for elected and public officials by establishing policies and priorities and providing the framework for evaluating development proposals. It expresses the community’s vision and priorities and describes where, how, and in some cases when development should occur.

Previously Held Meetings

Harrisburg City Council has held the following meetings via Zoom.  Please note, the remaining meeting schedule and Public Hearing date will be determined by Community & Economic Development Chair Dave Madsen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in these discussions and submit my written comments?

The City of Harrisburg is now offering the ability to view and participate in Council meetings via video meetings and telephonic conferencing via “Zoom” video conferencing computer technology. Instructions for participating via Zoom are provided below.

City Council wants to know what your vision is for the future of Harrisburg. Decisions made today impact our physical character and financial outlook for decades. Public Participation is a very important piece of this process and to the success of this plan, we would like to hear from you.  Please submit your comments here:


How do I join the City Council meeting via Zoom Video Conferencing?

Please visit: https://zoom.us and either sign-up for a free Zoom account or continue as a guest. Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, joined from your web browser, or downloaded the Zoom software on your computer you will be ready for the Council meeting.

If you have previously signed up for Zoom, you can enter the following meeting ID to join the meeting: 854 8794 8306

or join by following the posted link below.


Passcode: 032021

I don’t have a computer or smartphone; can I still use Zoom?

If you don’t have a smartphone or computer to access the meeting via Zoom, no problem! You can participate on the phone, by calling one of the following numbers: 301-715-8592 and entering meeting ID: 854 8794 8306

How can I provide Public Comment on Zoom?

The Council President will request public comment during the Public Comment period on the agenda and during each meeting and you will have two minutes to comment. Once the Council President has announced the public comment period, please do one of the following.


  • Click on the “Raise Hand” feature in the webinar controls. This will notify City staff that you have raised your hand and you would like to speak.
  • City staff will unmute your microphone when it is your turn to provide public comment.
  • A prompt will appear to confirm you would like to be unmuted. Once you accept the prompt, you will have two minutes to provide public comment.
  • Once your public comment has ended, you will be muted again.


  • Dial *9 (star 9), this will notify City staff that you have “raised your hand” for public comment.
  • City staff will unmute your microphone when it is your turn to provide public comment.
  • You will hear “you are unmuted” and then you will have two minutes to provide public comment.
  • Once your public comment has ended, you will be muted again

Additional Background:

After the draft document was completed in July 2020, and posted to the City’s website on Tuesday, September 8th, the Harrisburg Planning Commission reviewed the draft Comprehensive Plan and subsequently held two webinars on Monday, September 14th and Wednesday, September 16th discussing the information that was in the document and taking comments from the public. On Thursday, September 17th, the Planning Commission held a meeting at which they voted to present the draft Comprehensive Plan document to City Council at a presentation on Tuesday, September 22nd.

The presentation to City Council initiated a public comment review period; per Section 301.3 of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), comprehensive plan documents must be made available to the general public – in addition to the County, the School District, and all adjacent municipalities – for comment for a minimum of 45 days. However, public comment may extend longer than the 45-day duration, and City Council has committed to a longer period of public comment and additional public engagement sessions in order to ensure an appropriate amount of time for the public to review and comment on the document. The draft Comprehensive Plan document will remain posted to this webpage – and the public comment window will remain open for the duration of the City Council meetings.