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The Harrisburg Bureau of Fire exists to serve the residents and visitors of the City of Harrisburg, and the entire Capital Region. We accomplish this through a full-time, career staffing model supplemented by a volunteer contingent. Our team is comprised of well-trained, diverse, and highly motivated individuals who provide services in fire safety education, fire codes enforcement, emergency management, and all-hazards emergency response.

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2023 Fightfighter Recruiting Application and Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a fire safety & education class for a group?

Please call 3-1-1 or 717-255-3040 to be connected with the Fire Safety Prevention Officer. You can also submit a support ticket to request a fire safety & education class.

How can I become a volunteer/firefighter?

Contact the Office of the Fire Chief (Headquarters) at 717-255-6464

Address: 1820 North Sixth Street (Located in the Uptown section of the City)

Description: Camp Curtin Fire Co. #13 volunteers are housed in Station 1. Additionally, the station is home to vehicles including: Wagon 3, Ladder 2, Engine 1, Boat 1, and Tower 2 (reserve). Wagon 3 is a 2008 Pierce Arrow XT 1500 gpm/500 gal Pumper. Ladder 2 is a 2015 Pierce Arrow XT Tractor Drawn Ladder Truck. Tower 2 is a 2002 KME 81’ Ladder/Tower.

Address: 140 North Sixteenth Street (Located in the Allison Hill section of the City)

Description: Station two houses the Battalion Chief, Wagon 4, Tower 1, Boat 2, Engine 2 (reserve), Rescue 1 and the Dauphin County Haz-Mat Response Unit, Tower 4 (reserve). Wagon 4 is a 2016 Pierce Enforcer 1500 GPM/500 GAL Pumper. Tower 1 is a 75’ Aerialscope on a 2008 Pierce Arrow XT chassis. The BC’s car is a 2005 Chevy Tahoe. Rescue 1 carries tools and equipment for C-space, Trench, Rope Rescue and Building Collapse.

Address: 9 South 13th Street  (Located in the Allison Hill section of the City)

Description: Station eight houses Squad 8 or simply “The Squad”. Squad 8 is a 2012 Pierce Arrow XT Rescue/Engine consisting of 1500gpm/500gal Pumper, Amkus Ultimate rescue system and an assortment of rescue tools.  Station 8 is also home to the Volunteers of Mt. Pleasant Fire and Rescue Services #8.

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Harrisburg, PA 17101



Brian Enterline

Brian Enterline

Fire Chief

Michael Souder

Michael Souder

Senior Deputy Fire Chief

Glenn Sattizahn

Glenn Sattizahn

Deputy Fire Chief

Floyd Wise

Floyd Wise

Deputy Chief of Training