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Office of the City Controller

About Us

The Office of the Controller is an autonomous Office of City Government headed by the City Controller, an independently elected official. This office is responsible for the review and approval of all expenditures and obligations to the City.

Performing the internal audit function requires that all purchase orders, warrants, contracts and agreements be reviewed for compliance with the Third Class City Code, other state laws, City of Harrisburg administrative policies and City ordinances. The signature of the Controller is a legal requirement on all of the aforementioned documents. This office also issues monthly financial reports to the Mayor and City Council which analyze revenues and expenditures for all budgeted funds.


Monthly Report to Elected Officials


Vendor Payments

Duties of the Controller


The City Controller shall administer an encumbrance system of budget operation and shall also be responsible for a pre-audit of all claims and demands against the City prior to payment, which in all instances shall be accompanied by written requisition from the appropriate department of City office and the Department of Administration, and for such other duties as are provided by law, including but not limited to the right to examine at any time any and all bids, proposals, contracts, or other documents relating in any manner to the receipt or disbursement of funds of the City.

The City Controller shall sign all warrants for disbursement of City funds.

Charlie DeBrunner

Charlie DeBrunner | City Controller


10 N. 2nd Street, Suite 403 

Harrisburg, PA 17101





William Leinberger

Deputy City Controller

[email protected]



Michael Thomas


[email protected]



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